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So I’m sitting on the train home from Copenhagen today and this big guy comes in to the cycle car.  It’s pretty full at this point, but he pushes a bunch of people out of the way to park his bike.  All the while music is blasting from his phone without any headphones.  He goes into the silent car, music still blasting.  People leave.  He gets up and opens other people’s windows in the car, leaning right over them to do so.  More people leave.  He coughs and talks loudly in a rough, non-Danish tongue.  Almost everyone is out by now.  They’ve migrated through our cycle car despite it being extremely crowded, just to get away from this fool.

Okay, almost home.  He’s been kind of loud in the silent car, but the door was shut so it didn’t bother me much.  Now he comes out, music still blasting.  He shuffles around by the door, cursing some more in his gruff voice.  Then he hacks a lugi on the floor, throws down his empty cigarette box, and lights up his last.  He pushes through people again, this time to retrieve his bike.  The train must slow down for how long it took to get to the next stop.

I swear, if thoughts could kill… this guy would be completely incinerated.  If I would have been able to I would have thrown the asshole off myself.  I was considering throwing his bike off when I got off, but alas I am the last stop so he got off before me.  Lame.

It also says a lot about the Danish culture that everyone else left and didn’t say a word to him.  They are verrrry non-confrontational, especially with strangers!