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From my discussions with other DIS students it is clear there is a wide variety of experiences among those staying with host families.  Some families, the ones I have nicknamed the Careers (after The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins – Excellent Trilogy FYI), have been hosting students for many years and have a robust set of rules and expectations.  Others, like mine, are Freshies hoping to find something new and exciting in hosting a student.  Some families treat their students as any family might in the states: they are expected to participate in family affairs, contribute to the household, and do their part to be a helpful member of the house.  Others live like  royalty, having anything they want provided without exertion or forced participation in family affairs.  I cannot lie: my family definitely falls closer to the lavish side than not.

Case in Point:  Tonight Andreas went to fetch some ice cream from 7/11 because Trine and he have quite the sweet tooth.  While he was gone I migrated from the table to the couch where I took up a comfortable position to do some economics reading.  Shortly after he came home, she walked over and handed me a bowl of ice cream.  I didn’t even have to move.  Then she brought me a Chocolate Turtle, a very popular Danish candy.  Not long after she reclaimed my bowl, again filling it with the other two ice cream flavors (did I mention they have a sweet-tooth?).  When I finished this bowl I placed it on the floor to finish reading, and Trine came and scooped it up to put in the dishwasher.  The entire time I did not move from my comfortable position stretched out on the couch!

Anyway, just thought it was interesting.  Don’t think I’m abusing it though, anyone who claims to know a thing about me knows I feel lame every time something like that happens.  So I volunteer to help out whenever I can 🙂