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They do not have all the Answers.
They do not know all the Moves.

They are not Famous.
They are not Glamorous.

They have no Pride.
They have no Regret.

They do not Die.
They we will never Forget.

Because in that Moment

They do not think.
They Act.

We will Remember.

Ten years ago today thousands of heroes acted.  They did not waver as they looked into the face of death.  His gruesome stare, his blind power, his deafness.  No, these they did not feel.  Heroes live among us; they may be with you this very moment.  They do not have an appearance.  They do not stand out.  They exist deep within the heart of men and women, far beyond the reach of earthly senses.  They simply are.

We will Remember.

Words cannot begin to explain my respect for our heroes.  It is the call to homage I feel watching this anniversary.  It is the feel of something beyond myself, stretching tendrils encompassing us all through a list of names.  It is the weight upon my shoulders as I stand under the Dome of St. Paul, the book of the fallen only steps away.  It is beyond this world.

We will Remember.

As the years pass by, the names will fade.  We will forget the details.  The timeline will twist.  But that feeling, that acknowledgement of something beyond ourselves, that will live forever.  They will be part of us, forever and always.  They will live on.

We will Remember.

For our Heroes.
For our Memories.
For our Love.

We will Remember.