We only stayed in Copenhagen for two nights on our initial visit, but we took some time to walk around the city and take in some of its style.  Since we lacked any formal agenda at this point we mostly just walked around.  Here are some of my initial impressions:

  1. It’s small.  Not like NYC, Philly, etc.  The highest building is maybe 15-20 stories at most?
  2. It’s not crowded.  There are not nearly as many people as I expected.
  3. Car traffic is limited, and most streets are one way (big avenues are not)
  4. Bikers are everywhere! I AM IN LOVE.
  5. People are very friendly.  On the way to the hostel no less than three people helped us and one even pulled one of Lauren’s bags for her.  There is also an awesome waitress at Cafe Bellagio on Gothersgade.

We met Lauren’s host family on Tuesday night.  The father, Ole, actually called and offered to pick her luggage up at the hostel!  What a nice guy.  Turns out they invited us back to their house as well, so we met the whole crew.  At first we were concerned the brothers might not like that their parents were hosting a student, but we soon found that they were all, as Lauren says, “lovely” people.  I expect she will be very happy there.  I hope I my host family is just as fantastic!