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Hello all my faithful followers!  Okay, well I only have one legit follower and a couple of creepers, but let’s just pretend 😉  In case you didn’t know, I am studying abroad this semester in Copenhagen, Denmark.  I already left but right now I’m actually in London.  You see, Lauren and I left about a week early to take some time and explore Europe a little bit before orientation and classes begin.  We spent the first two nights in Denmark, relaxing and getting a feel for the city.  It’s very different from the States or even Spain, and despite Copenhagen being the capital city it is not nearly as big or busy as I had expected.  It’s nice 🙂  There are also a TON of bikers.  LOVE IT!  I CAN’T WAIT TO RENT MY BIKE!!!  I rode a City Bike the one morning…it is a free bike system all over the city :))))  True Love.

London is like NYC but shorter and with a lot more history.  Piccadilly Square is basically a wimpy Times Square.  It’s not my favorite city by far, but I am glad to have come.  After all, there is SO much history here.  Okay, I just wanted t check in quick.  Look for more on London once I am back and settled in Copenhagen.