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You know, if I could just focus on one thing at a time, and put all my effort into accomplishing it, I could probably do great things.  Instead I always have a million things on my mind at once.  Take just now as an example: my usual after-work shower had me in a thinking mood, as showers usually do.  I started with a story that just kind of popped into my head, a father-son story inspired by my realization that I definitely want a son (not now of course).  Then I moved along to GECO, which quickly put me on the academic/school train of thought.  From here I jumped to RECESS, my idea of bringing back the old-school fun.  Then I started thinking about my Research Assistant work, as I intended to do it right after I got out of the shower.

With one task already ahead of me and three new thoughts out of almost nowhere I was overwhelmed.  Then, being overwhelmed and in a philosophical/thinking mood I decided I needed to blog about being unable to focus on one thing, thus increasing the number of things I am thinking about at once to a grand total of 5 different thoughts come alive in less than 15 minutes!  And of course that doesn’t even consider the multitude of other thoughts which are so frequent that I hardly consider them relevant in this moment.  I am thinking about thinking, and thinking about thinking about thinking.  Oh boy, here we go…