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What is this which I referred to in my last post?  Is it not obvious?  Reminisce for a second, and travel back in time where your thoughts wandered and you felt your intellect higher than it would normally be.  Thoughts aligned, images connected, and a path was revealed.  You experienced nothing short of a miracle, as suddenly you created a road through the fog with only the tools of confession and honesty to guide you.  The key is honesty to yourself.  When you accomplish that you truly deserve to be proud.

What I speak of through all this, the order of the soul, is simply the way in which a person’s thoughts work when one is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually “in the zone.”  Ideas, thoughts, reflections…they all align and suddenly you find yourself tackling deep thoughts and previously insurmountable obstacles.  These moments are those of strongest clarity, yet when we try to share them with others they appear as nothing more than a collapsing hodgepodge of disconnected thoughts.  That is because, while, in life, we constantly seek linearity and sensibility, our true nature is fragmentation and division.  We think fragmented, we act fragmented, we are fragmented.  So consider this: when you next find that your mind and soul create faster than your brain and hand can mimic you are not acting crazy.  You are allowing truth to live, and denying nothing.

Let it flow.

Edit: Apparently, this phenomenon is called a Stream of Consciousness.