Dear Corporate America,
Why can’t I find any nice lined stationary on which I could write a thoughtful personal letter?  All I want to do is get something classy that will be perfect for a quality handwritten note.  Oh, but wait, Corporate America doesn’t value good old-fashioned hand written letters.  I went to Staples, Office Depot, Michaels (a crafts store), and Target, everywhere finding the same thing: stationary exists, but only the kind meant for your printer.  No lines, no classy hand-written letters.  This is stupid.  Guess it goes to show how much a culture can change, and be changed by, the goals of manufacture.  Time to look online I suppose, or maybe settle for something a little less than perfect.  We shall see; I wanted to have begun writing already.Sincerely,An Upset Consumer

P.S. I generally prefer to talk about how Corporate America is not the best…solution…for our societal organization.  However, if we are going to have Corporate America I at least want to be able to find some damn stationary.  Too bad Corporate America is a reflection of society as a whole…