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Tonight we ate dinner at GustOrganics on 6th and 10th st.  The restaurant/bar was entirely USDA certified organic, every ingredient and every drink.  It was pretty good, and naturally quite pricey.  I don’t really understand the appeal of opening a certified organic restaurant, but i suppose it probably makes good business sense given its location.

As it turns out Tess Barton, the alumni hosting my externship in a few weeks, was the guest at our dinner.  I never would have expected to meet her in NYC on this trip, even after learning we would be meeting alumni!  She didn’t talk too much about herself at the dinner but we did have a little time afterwards and she told us about her position with Community Energy as well as some of the back-story on how she broke into the industry.  I realized she is a go-getta and I’m excited to work with her for a week.  I think she will be a great asset for me both in networking and in helping me realize what I want to do with my life!