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Hey, so it’s been a crazy week with finals and I was overwhelmed with my Econ Thought paper and everything…still no grades yet but I’m feeling optimistic.  I really didn’t have the time to blog even though there were a number of things on my mind.

So the semester’s over…I’m not officially a junior until the seniors graduate but I’m not a sophomore anymore either.  It’s Sunday afternoon and after a stressful and rushed check-out/packing day on Saturday I am laying in a bed at a sketchy Super 8 just outside NYC.  Even though I live with it every day I am still easily amazed by how much people rely on certainty and technology!  On the way up we just missed the hotel and turned into a Toys R’ Us down the block.  It took forever to decide to simply drive around the block…we needed to use GPS and discuss it for a good 10 minutes.

Speaking of the sketchiness of the place, it really was not bad.  I’ve seen far worse.  But people were legitimately afraid to get out of the van.  That is so Gettysburg.  It’s really indicative of our student populations’ lack of experience with diverse people and situations.

Jump ahead to tonight: we took a casual trip to Time Square, ate at Coldstone, and relaxed a bit.  I realized early the week would be interesting given our group dynamic.  Although not the leader I had the most experience in NYC and it was obvious the group was inexperienced in navigating cities.  In fact, for some of them this was their first time in a big city and others had only ever been once or twice!