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I really like this song…a lot.  I first heard it at dance ensemble, and ever since it has been getting stuck in my head every now and again.  I never really considered the lyrics too much until this afternoon while I was cruisin on my way home.  You know, flyin on the highway, windows down, music blastin.  The good life 😉

Anyways, I actually listened to it for the first time.  I really like the lyrics and the beat and how the two weave together.  The song is all about how love is difficult and sometimes ugly.  You need to fight for love.  But for all its talk of fighting it’s not a sad song.  Or an angry one.  It’s happy, because even though love is a fight it is something worth fighting for.  And we should not be ashamed of fighting for it because the fight is what makes it so strong.  It’s not enough to just want it; you have to work for it.  Nothing is perfect, and love is no different.  But that’s life.  Besides, if it was all smooth sailing how boring would that be!?

Everyday is a struggle: a struggle to find balance, to maintain inner peace,  to uncover deep new connections with your family, your friends, your significant other.  If you can’t find a fault in the people you love then you don’t have the right to say you love them because love is full of faults.  It’s what you do about those faults that defines love.  When you love a person you see faults everyday but you barely even perceive them because they are just another part of who the person is.  Faults might annoy the hell out of you sometimes but you would never consider leaving the person out of your life because of these faults.  So faults become irrelevant; they’re just another bump in the road.

And THAT is what love is all about.  Sometimes certain things about the ones we love drive us crazy.  While our loves’ eccentricities my endanger our sanity there is something about these people that we simply cannot live without.  Maybe it’s the way they are loyal to a fault.  Or the way they are willing to go to any length to help another person.  Or maybe it’s just the way they laugh.  It doesn’t matter…we love them for who they are.

Fight for your love. ❤