So, today we began our trip to Power Shift…I was pumped to finally get going!  Traffic around Frederick slowed us down, then we found that Shady Grove has no overnight parking lot.  Go figure.  I don’t understand how the hell the last station on the line doesn’t have overnight parking!  Since we needed somewhere nearby to park we drove around for a while but everywhere had huge signs saying “Customer Parking Only” and whatnot.  For someone who is use to parking in Wal-Mart, Redner’s, etc. this was ridiculous.  Why have all these empty parking spaces if we are not allowed to use them…?  Eventually we went to a McDonald’s that was a good mile a mile away.  I talked to the manager and she said it would be okay if we stayed there.  Hope that’s actually true…

So after this fiasco we are running like 1.5 hours late…FAIL.  We also almost lost Long on the metro…after he felt sick and jumped off a few stops early.  I was in a panic when I awoke to screaming and Julie grabbing at him as he got off the metro.  We should have hired a driver to drop us off at Shady Grove.  It would have been so much easier…this is why we should have delegated.  Lauren and I didn’t even think of it while we were planning, but of course leaving responsibilities to others always seems to end in missing pieces…

Not only was the transportation a fail, we also had trouble using Mr. Brauer’s card at the hotel.  We arrived at our room a good 2-3 hours late and completed missed Al Gore’s keynote address.  By the time we arrived it was time for the evening movie kickoff, but that was even a fail as they canceled it due to lack of early arrivals.  If nothing else we did get to eat at California Taco…yummy!

Sadly, the Film kick-off was canceled.

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s speakers: Bill McKibben, author of several books including Deep Economy and founder of the 350 movement, as well as Lisa Jackson, head of the EPA.  I hope tomorrow goes a little more smoothly!