This song pretty much sums up my feelings sometimes.  You know, college life is busy but it’s not always conducive to happiness.  We get so busy we forget about the little things, like laying down and watching a movie.  Is it productive?  No.  Is it useful?  Probably not.  But there’s something about curling up under the covers, putting on a good flick, and forgetting yourself in the story of another.  I did that this past weekend…GECO camping was a fail, and Friday night came with absolutely no plans.  So I hung out, built a fort of sheets and towels, and watched a movie and played Mario Kart. It really was wonderful, because there was no pressure, no deadlines, no worry.  Just relaxing and enjoying life.

I feel that we too often forget these moments here at college.  I know I personally always say I’m not going to get so busy, but then I find myself wrapped up in all these different things.  Right now, for example, Power Shift has been eating up my time and causing me much stress.  Even though the concept was simple, organizing the event and dealing with people’s lack of communication and dropping out was terribly frustrating.  Honestly, at this point I’m really just looking forward to when it’s over and I don’t have this stress hanging over me.  Things like this…obligations that we partake in by ourselves (or in this case with help only from one other equally stressed soul) really start to weigh on us.  It’s like, we are responsible for what happens, so even when we want to just give in for a while we know we can’t because EVERYTHING depends on us.  So we keep on trekking regardless of the negative affects of the struggle on our physical, mental, and emotional health.

So yeah, “The Lazy Song” hits home right now.  After all this shit I feel like I just want to lay around and not do any work.  Maybe read a book, maybe play some Xbox.  Either way I don’t have the focus I should right now, especially as we move in on the end of the year.  And I’ve realized something from this.  I DO have a limited attention span.  My resources ARE limited.  MY TIME IS PRECIOUS.

This video is really weird…

I need to start asking myself the right questions.  Too long have I simply asked, “Am I interested in this?”  That was the only question which dictated whether or not I participated in an activity.  But I’ve come to realize how naive that approach is.  I am interested in EVERYTHING!  I always want to learn, to experience, to grow.  So the real question is not one of interest, but of value.  “Am I passionate enough about this to gain more benefit than the cost of my time and energy?”  And I should also ask myself, “Will I benefit from this in some way?”  Sounds very economical I know, but it’s true.  And there’s more to benefiting than experience and resume-building.  There is intrinsic value as well.

So, as I finish up this year and move into the summer I want to balance the work-leisure scale.  Work hard, but do so in a time constraint.  Set time aside, do some work, then finish and move out.  None of this drawing things out and procrastinating.  Just do it, then move on.  Basically, I want to separate business from pleasure.  Yes, I enjoy the things I am learning and doing, but I need to distinguish between stuff meant to be productive and stuff strictly for pleasure.