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I’ve been reflecting a little bit on campus culture and I’ve come to realize it plays a large role in the happiness of students.  Those who don’t quite fall in line with the general scene have a hard time getting the full potential out of their college experience.  While classes and activities might keep a student busy during the week it’s those random times with friends and weekend adventures which really make a student happy.  But what if you have trouble finding friends who you can just hang out with and enjoy yourself?  It’s not like Gettysburg only has party-goers…that is definitely not true.  However, I think those who don’t party as much have a hard time connecting with one another…and it seriously affects the experience they have here.

I learned a little more about this in talking to one of my residents who is planning on transferring after this year.  The resident does not have any one thing that is bad; rather, the resident just doesn’t feel like the campus culture of Gettysburg is a good match.  Why?  Because the resident just wants to be able to hang out and have fun on the weekends and not drink or go out.  This isn’t an isolated thing either…we really need to work on some better late-night programming and I still want to see a REAL student space.  The CUB?  Not even close to a student space.  The Attic?  Good for some things but it’s not a dedicated lounge for students.

Running late and need to finish up…but this is a serious issue for many students!  Frat life isn’t bad…a lot of people like it and there’s nothing wrong with partying.  But partying shouldn’t be the only events on weekend nights!